Analyse. Innovate. Integrate.

When off-the-shelf applications and plug-ins mean too much of a compromise, our development team are extremely experienced and adept at creating bespoke technical solutions and systems, which can both work as stand-alone applications or interface and integrate with a range of different products, sites, platforms and environments.

With the Finesse dev team, you not only get the exact functionality your business requires, but our vast experience and expertise in this area means you get your solution faster than you might have expected, and you get it without breaking the bank either. The systems can be created to reflect current working practices, or indeed can be implemented as part of a planned exercise to enhance or upgrade these working practices.

The bespoke route also offers additional security benefits. Off the shelf applications are well known to their marketplace. They are also well known to potential hackers, as are their weaknesses and loopholes. A bespoke system enables us to incorporate more client-specific functionality and security. Information about which will be less publicly available. Leaving you, your data and your customers less vulnerable.

Systems and applications we develop include all of the following and much more besides:

  • CRM's
  • Database solutions  
  • E-Commerce systems
  • E-learning software and programs
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Internal comms systems  
  • Intranets
  • Resource planning and management


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