Wednesday 4th of March 2020

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This year has seen the Fleetmaster Group launch a cutting edge, industry leading new application which has Road Safety and Risk Management at its heart, with Finesse Digital being pleased to have worked with them to achieve this.

Fleetmaster's Driver Risk Management Solution provides employers with a centralised platform to help manage assets and risk associated with fleet of any size. My-DRM is configured to accurately manage risk and records for Grey Fleet, Company Car, Van and Specialist vehicles, with tiered access to categorise this information by geography, driver population, line manager, asset type or any way which would help the employer to maximise the management of information.

This launch represents the culmination of an in-depth Research and Development programme undertaken by Fleetmaster, with Finesse working in consultation with the experts at Fleetmaster to manage the technical, programming and software development aspects of the project, to deliver and launch the final product.

My-DRM is now one of the most comprehensive and insightful information management tools in the fleet management, road safety and driving sectors in the UK, and has the potential to save organisations both time and money and reduce incidents.

Information managed utilising My-DRM: The system holds all driver information and identifies risk across all vehicle operators, down to region, manager and individual driver record, to provide a comprehensive approach to risk management.

Driver Risk Rating: The risk rating takes into account telemetry information, incident data, incidental damage, all types of training, vehicle checks, MPG, licence check completion and findings (such as number of penalty points).

Grey Fleet: My-DRM holds additional records that are required for any grey fleet driver, including MOT, Business Insurance, Vehicle Servicing and once ingested into the system an automated bell alert is applied to prompt managers as key dates are nearing.

As well as completing and launching My-DRM, Finesse also recently worked with Fleetmaster to launch their new group website.

You can find out more about both My-DRM and the other services which the Fleetmaster Group provides at  


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