Monday 16th of December 2019

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1. Increased Brand Awareness

Social media is, essentially, word of mouth communication. It connects you with a wider audience for your business and increases your visibility. It’s all about engagement. Customers see these platforms as a service channel where they can communicate directly with the business, and satisfied customers are eager to spread the word about an excellent product or service. Ultimately, social will increase customer retention, brand recognition and loyalty.

2. Increased Website Traffic + SEO

Every social media profile you add to your marketing mix is a gateway to your website, and every piece of content you post is another opportunity to acquire a new customer. The more quality content you schedule on social media, the more inbound traffic you’ll generate, and more traffic means more conversions.

3. Conversion Leads

As social media increases your business’ visibility, you gain more opportunities for customers to convert. Every blog post, image, video, or comment you share is a chance for someone to react, and every reaction could lead to a site visit, and eventually a conversion.

4. Customer Insights

Through daily active engagement and social listening, you can gather relevant customer data and use that information to make smarter business decisions —who they are, what they like, and how they feel about your brand.

5. Social Ads

Social ads are an inexpensive way to promote your business and distribute content. They offer powerful targeting options so that you can reach the right audience. For example, you can segment audiences by demographics, interests, behaviours, and connections. You can also track and measure the performance of your social ads in real time.


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