Monday 16th of December 2019

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1. Correct Image Dimensions

Ensuring that your image is the correct dimensions is vital as this will affect the amount of people that your ad campaign reaches. Facebook recommends that your graphic should be 1,200 x 628 as this will help the display to both mobile and desktop users.

2. Set Clear Goals For Your Ad

Setting clear goals for your Ad can help you measure the success of your Facebook Ad Campaign. Your target might be to increase page likes, add subscribers to your newsletter or maybe just to increase brand awareness. Set your goals, track your metric during the campaign (retweak your ad if necessary) and review your end results.

3. Facebook’s Text To Image Ratio | Facebook’s 20% Rule

To create a better experience for audiences and advertisers, ads that run on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network are subject to a review process that looks at the amount of image text used in your ad. We recommend that you follow Facebook’s 20% rule or use their free image checker.

Use Facebooks free check tool here:

4. Try Different Ad Copy Lengths

When you’re writing the copy for your advertisement, you need to understand whom you are writing for and tailor it around your target audience to help them resonate with your ad. We recommend that you write a long ad copy piece and then shorten it down to something shorter, so you can test both long and short ad copy.

5. Send People To Optimized Landing Pages

The landing page of your Facebook campaign can make or break its success. Your optimized landing page should include a headline that is clear and concise, subtitle that provides more context and include a loud and clear call to action. Finally, always remember to also include social proof on your landing page. It can be anything from a picture of you with logos of publications in which you’ve been featured to testimonials and case studies from people who have used your product or service.

6. Always Include a CTA (Call To Action)

Your ad should always include a call to action, this could be apply now, book now or click here for more information button. Take the guesswork out of it for your target audience, tell them what action you want them to take!

7. Never Stop Testing

There is no single key to success with Facebook Advertising, there’s no one thing you can do that’s guaranteed to work. It’s a continual process of testing and optimizing. Over this time of continually trying new things, you will see trends that will start working and that’s when we recommend that you ramp up your campaigns to make them more profitable.



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