Monday 16th of December 2019

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1. Talk About A Topic (Not Just Your Business or Brand)

Talking about your business or brand constantly can become white noise and people will choose to ignore your posts within their feed, if you’re wanting to them buy something or them to give you something. Providing value is the greatest way to improve social media engagement across all platforms and you can do this by talking about a relatable topic, for example; if it is #InternationalMentalHealthDay, talk about this subject and your experiences, you can maybe even talk about how your business is proactively dealing with mental health issues within your workplace. Yes, talking about your business can be good, if done in the correct way.

2. Use Video

Yes, posting single images, text or even multiple images on your social media feed is good but why settle for good when you can have great! Using video is an absolute MUST when wanting to improve your social engagement, within videos you can portray a message that would normally take multiple posts and by using video, you are enabling your followers to be interactive with that post.

3. Create Interactive Posts

Wanting to increase your engagement, guess what? You’re in the right place. Everybody thinks to improve your engagement, you have to create this viral video thats going to make your brand EXPLODE. Totally not true. By introducing surveys, tolls or questions within your social media strategy, this gives your followers the chance to interact with your posts. Using polls within Twitter for example is a great way to get answers for questions you might have, you could maybe create a poll around ‘What would everyone like to see us post?’, your answers could be services, behind the scenes, progress shots or even goofy photos from the team.

4. Make Your Posts Visually Appealing

Creating eye-catching images is a great way to catapult your social media engagement, posting low quality, fuzzy imagery is only going to deter people from following or engaging with your business/brand. Creating & posting graphics that embody your branding colours and style will help with consistency across your marketing efforts, and will help attract potential new customers or followers.

5. Posting Consistently & At Optimal Times

CONSISTENCY. This is something so crucial for your social media strategy, optimizing what days/times you are posting will help with improving your engagement as people will anticipate a post at a certain time, this will create hype around your new posts.


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